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From the Black Sea to Schallaburg Castle

The Exhibition invites you to take an inspiring journey upriver: From the Black Sea through the narrow gorges of the Iron Gate, past the vast plains of Hungary through the picturesque Wachau to the Schallaburg.

The Danube began to carve out its route millions of years ago. Today, it is the second longest river in Europe. Like no other river the Danube stands for the diversity of the European continent and its eventful history. People have been present on its banks and used it for their purposes for thousands of years. Impressive cultures were already emerging along the river in the Neolithic Age. Romans used the river as a border for their mighty empire, and the Habsburgs as the lifeline of their empire, which was called “Danubian Monarchy” for a reason.

Like every trip, this one provides countless impressions. On the way from the Black Sea to Schallaburg Castle these impressions merge into the colourful mosaic that still characterises the Danube region today.

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