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Group package for "The Danube"

The Exhibition "The Danube - People, Trasures & Cultures" invites you on an inspiring journey along the Danube, upstream from the Black Sea to the Schallaburg. Countless hidden treasures gather on its banks: impressive landscapes and hidden villages, important cities and their trausures.

Immerse yourself in the stories of this mighty stream that endures through time.

- ticket for Schallaburg Castle
- guided tour of the exhibition
- individual tour of the castle

Price: € 12.50 per person (available for groups of 20 or more)

Other Group offers for Schallaburg Castle

€ 9,00 | Admission per person 
€ 3,50 | Guided tour of the exhibition, castle, or garden*
€ 3,50 | Archery at the shooting range per person

Booking: T +43 2754 6317-0
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