The large historical garden is a place of contemplation, a retreat for reading, picnicking, hanging around – or indeed for archery!

Castle Garden

In the 1970s the castle garden was rearranged in the style of the famous Italian Renaissance gardens. Renaissance gardening is regarded as the pinnacle of historical horticulture, not least because of the strictly symmetrical beds of useful and ornamental flowers. An apple orchard was deliberately planted to offer fruits and space for blissful relaxation.

Play and discover

Schallaburg Castle may be an island of blissful relaxation, but it can be very exciting as well: there are plenty of ways to get active for the whole family, including a 35-metre dragon playground, boccia in the arcaded courtyard, and an archery shooting range. Flower beds delight the eye with bustling butterflies, honey bees, and other insects. Along the path to the castle garden, you will pass a bed of useful plants including seasonal vegetables, which are then processed into delicious dishes in the castle restaurant. Passers-by are welcome to pick a handful and have a taste!

NEW: XXL Games
You can borrow Domino, pick-a-stick, ring toss game, KUBB or Connect Four in XXL format for free at the ticket office. Callenge your children to a duel in the castle garden. A high fun factor is guaranteed!

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